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Bulletin of the Tohoku University Museum No. 16
March 2017

Early Devonian orthocerid cephalopods from the Kamianama Formation, Fukui Prefecture, Central Japan / Studies of the Late Palaeolithic Culture in the Northwestern Mountainous Area in Miyagi Prefecture: the 1st Term Excavation at Sunasaka Site in Kami Town. / Use of animal resources from the late to the final Jomon period at the Satohama shell midden, Miyagi Prefecture / Standard use-wear chart of TUMRT (3): Microwear Polish (1)

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No. 15 Mar 2016

Trematoceras hikichii sp. nov., an Early Triassic orthocerid cephalopod from the Osawa Formation, Miyagi Prefecture, Northeast Japan / Bandoceras, a new Late Silurian genus of orthocerid cephalopod from the Hitoegane Formation, Gifu Prefecture, Central Japan / A catalogue of name-bearing type specimens of fossil Bivalvia (Mollusca) registered in the Tohoku University Museum / Nicaniella (Trautscholdia) nagaoi, a new replacement name for Astarte minor Nagao, 1934, non Astarte sulcata var. minor Jeffreys, 1864 [“1863”] (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Astartidae) / Paleomagnetism of the Sorachi and Yezo Group in the Ashibetsu area, central Hokkaido, Japan. / Standard use-wear chart of TUMRT(2):Microflaking (2)

No. 14 Mar 2015

Early Permian (Asselian) orthoconic cephalopods from the Taishaku Limestone, Akiyoshi Belt, Southwest Japan / Study of Cave Sites in Kyushu Region: Report of the Third Term Excavation at the Fukui Cave / The Significance and Method of the 3rd Term Excavation at the Fukui Cave / EXCAVATION RESEARCH OF THE TSURUGAYAHIGASHI SITE, GUMMA PREFECTURE, A STUDY OF THE EARLY PALAEOLITHIC PERIOD IN JAPAN.

No. 13 Mar 2014

On Tanged Points of Japanese Tohoku Region from KoreanPerspective - Technique, typology, dimensions and chronology - / New evaluation of the Industry in the Cultural Horizon 8 at the Hoshino site, Tochigi Prefecture / Functional Analysis of Prehistoric Artifacts from Coastal Ecuador / Standard use-wear chart of TUMRT (1): Microflaking. .

No. 12 Mar 2013

On Some “Early Palaeolithic” Evidence in Japan – A Personal View / Use-Wear Analysis on Palaeolithic Artifacts of Northern Mongolia / Comparative research on the Late Paleolithic industries between Tohoku and Kyushu regions in the Japanese islands / Study on impact fractures observed on backed knives from the Takakurayama site, Yamagata / Verifying the Function of Yayoi “Ishibocho”Tools from Tohoku District.

No. 11 Mar 2012

Studies of the Late Palaeolithic Culture in the Mogami River Basin vol. 2 The Kamino-A site Report of the third term excavation / AMS Radiocarbon Dating Report / Carbonized woods unearthed from the Kamino-A site / Reexamination of the Soni type pottery; Typological features and radiocarbon dating of pot-sherds from Ito Nobuo Collection.

No. 10 Mar 2011

Preface:Research of the Early Palaeolithic Industry discovered at the Sozudai site, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu Japan (2)/ Research of the Early Palaeolithic Industry discovered at the Sozudai site, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu Japan (2) / TA small fossil whale from the Tatsunokuchi Formation (uppermost Miocene to Lower Pliocene) of Sendai City, Northeast Japan : Its occurrence, age and paleontological significance.

No. 9 Mar 2010

A review of copepods associated with bivalves in Japan, with description of two new species (Crustacea, Copepoda, Cyclopoida) / A comparative study on Paleolithic Industries of Sozudai site in Japan and Xujiayao site in China / The origin of pottery in East Asia / Reevaluation of the Late Paleolithic Industries excavated at the Iwato site / Research of Final Jomon pottery excavated from the Satoyari site, Ohsyu City, Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku, Japan.

No. 8 June 2008

Two genera of Popanoceratidae (Permian Ammonoidea) from the South Kitakami Belt, Northeast Japan,with a note on the age of the Takakurayama Formation in the Abukuma Massif / Distribution maps of Silene (Caryophyllaceae) in Nepal (1) / Illustrated catalogue of Japanese Cordyseps (Entomonogeneous Fungi): The Yahagi Collection of Japanese Cordyseps stored in the Tohoku University Museum

No. 7 November 2007

Research of the Early Palaeolithic Industry discovered at the Sozudai site, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu Japan

No. 6 March 2007

Lopingian(Late Permian) brachiopods from South China, Part1:Orthotetida,Orthida and Rhynchonellida. / Geology of the Kuzumaki-Kamaishi Subbelt of the North KitakamiBelt (a Jurassic accretionary comprex), Northeast Japan:Case study of the Kawai-Yamada area,eastern Iwate Prefecture.

No. 5 March 2006

Type Artifacts of the Daigi Types of Jomon Pottery Excavated from the Daigi-gakoi Shell Midden by Dr.Sugao Yamanouchi. / Technological Wears on the Prehistoric Jades in East Asia. / The list of the Professor of Tohoku University Ito Nobuo's collections, made up in Karafuto-Sakharin during his personal scientific trip around the Middle and Southern parts of the island in1933-1934. / Early Triassic (Olenekian)ammonoids from Khentey Province,Mongolia, and their paleobiogeographic significance.

No. 4 March 2005

Metric Data of Human Crania from the Tohoku Region, Honshu,Japan, Housed at the Department of Anatomy and Anthropology, Tohoku University  School of Medicine. / Re-examination of Prof.Shimakura's coniferous fossil wood microscope slides deposited in Tohoku University Museum.

No. 3 March 2004

A Descriptive Catalog of Refitted Lithic Materials from Three Late Paleolithic Sites in Japan.: Isoyama, Iwao, Mosanru. / Yayoi Period Polished Stone Reaping Knives of Northeastern Japan: A Marker of Early Agrivultural Economy. / A Comparison of Paleolithic Stone Industries from "Black Band" Layers in the Central and Southern Tohoku District. / Some Considerations on Tagajo Monument.

No. 2 March 2002

Catalogue of the Mesozoic corals of Japan. / Catalogue of the Mesozoic corals at the Tohoku University Museum. / The Jurassic corals from Japan in the Tohoku University Museum collection.

No. 1 March 2001

Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera, September 12-16, 1999, Sendai, Japan.

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