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Osamu Sasaki

Associate Professor

Research field


Research Interest

Analysis and development of statistical methods to quantify large-scale temporal and spatial patterns of biodiversity in the history of life, as preserved in the fossil records.

Selected papers

  1. Osozawa, S., Sasaki, O. and Kanisawa, S., 2006, New and significant outcrop of the Aoba Eastern Fault cutting the lower terrace gravel, Aobayama Hill, Sendai, northeast Japan. Chikyu kagaku, 60, 501-505. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  2. Shimamoto, M., Ota, S., Hayashi, H., Sasaki, O., Saito, T., 2001, Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Miocene Hatatate Formation in the southwestern part of Sendai City, Northeast Japan. Jour. Geol. Soc. Japan, 107, 258-269. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  3. Irizuki, T. and Sasaki O., 1993, Analysis of morphological changes through ontogeny : genera Battinicythere and Elotsonella (Hemicytherinae). Proceedigns of the 11th International symposium on Ostracoda, 335-350.
  4. Ishizaki, K., Irizuki, T. and Sasaki O., 1993, Cobb Mountain spike of the kuroshio Current detected by Ostracoda in the lowen Omma Formation (Early Pleistocene), anazawa City, central Japan : analysis of depositional environments. Proceedings of the 11th International symposium on Ostracoda, 315-334.
  5. Tsukawaki, S., Nemoto, N., Maruyama, T., Shimamoto, M., Sasaki, O., Motoyama, I., Irizuki, T., Kato, H., Chatterijee, D., Fujimoto, E., and Hasegawa, S., 1993, reliminary Results from the R. V. Tansei-maru Cruise KT92-13 (Leg2) in the Eastern Marginal Area of the Japan Sea. Science Reports of the Hirosaki University, 40, 61-99.
  6. Sasaki, O., 1991, Discrimination of two new Anadara species using shell growth parameters and further descriptons. Transactions and proceedings of the paleontological society of Japan New series, 161, 697-713. 
  7. Sasaki, O., 1990, Parameters for description of the shell form of genus Anadara (Mollusca : Bivalvia). Transactions and proceedings of the paleontological society of Japan New series,158, 513-534. 
  8. Ogasawara, K. and Sasaki, O., 1988, The Dainenjian molluscan association from the environs of Sendai, Northeast Honshu and its zoogeographic significance. Saito Ho-on Kai Museum Reserch Bulletin, 56, 1-15.
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