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Outline of Tohoku University Museum

The Tohoku University has been ticking over ninety years, accumulating specimens which had been collected for research or purchased for education. Now specimens amount to over 2 millions. More than one thousand examples of them are exhibited, which includes fossils of every geologic period, rocks and minerals from the world, and topographic maps of mainly Asia. Our museum is characterized by possessing background research works for a long time, so it is proud the sufficient quantity and also quality.

Human beings have built up a highly civilized society. On the other hand they have been having a great influence on the earth environment. The highly developed technologies change the circumstances not only in nature and in comunication, but also in moral. This is relating to the fact of decrease in the natural. The sensitivity human must have, would raise up just in nature. Moreover interest and curiosity for nature is a primitive step toward natural science. Recently the people are apt to be indifferent to nature. We should understand the past time's earth environment to look at the future's. We should live with the natural, however the civilization had much more developed. We shall be happy that a lot of people came to our museum and took an opportunity to increase one's interest in nature.

6-3 Aoba,Aramaki,Aoba-ku,Sendai 980-8578,Japan
TEL・ FAX 022-795-6767

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Temporary close

Temporary closed from Feb. 29th for the time being,
to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Digital Specimen Database “e-Foram Stock”

Digital Specimen Database “e-Foram Stock” opening to the public.

This is a dynamic archive of 3D virtual specimen, named “e-Specimen”, which has been developed for the direct delivery of morphological information on scientific specimen from the museum repositories to your desk over computer networks.

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